A Blog with Passion

A blogger naturally needs to have a popular subject to blog about, like fitness, in order to have a successful blog. Millions of fitness and weight loss blogs can be found online. Successful blogs don’t necessarily have to make their authors money, they just need to be well-read and well-respected, providing useful information to their readers. While a very popular subject like fitness will draw readers to a blog initially, the blog won’t gather a following without having a blogger who has motivation, a real passion for the subject.

The bloggers at www.excusemyabs.com are the perfect example of motivated bloggers who constantly come up with new topics to blog each time. They certainly have their creative juices flowing, the topics, while all mens fitness related, are wide ranging. There is equal emphasis on working out and eating healthy.

Some fitness blogs tend to use lots of jargon and buzzwords , forgetting that their readers don’t already know all the jargon. If their readers were that savvy, they would be writing fitness blogs themselves. At www.excusemyabs.com, they are never guilty of not writing for the people who read their blog. Instead of being obsessed with their blog’s rankings, these bloggers are passionate about sharing information and motivating themselves along with their readers.  That’s why it’s one of my favorite blogs, plus its funny too.