7 secrets of skin care acne

Acne can be a vexing problem skin and tough to get rid of. But there are ways to minimize the defects of which you may be suffering. Here are seven tips to help you do just that:

1. Know your skin.

The absolute first step towards healthy skin, and particularly for those who are prone to acne, is knowing your skin dela exact type and how it reacts to different things. A surprising amount of people pay little or no attention to what may be causing your breakouts or what ingredients they are using on your skin. Generally, the skin is all oily, dry, a combination both, sensitive or acne prone.

2. Choose the right products.

The amount of products available today for skin care of acne is a start, however, after knowing our true skin type, we can be sure to use only what is most compatible.

Most people with acne-prone skin tend to have oily skin, although the combination and dry areas are not uncommon. Be sure to select a cleanser that is specially formulated for this skin disorder since she dela usually contain ingredients such as benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid, which help to regenerate skin itself more quickly. For severe benzoyl peroxide attempt 10% of acne, and mild to moderate cases, 5-10% is usually the recommended concentration.

A good toner is essential for maintaining tight pores unclogged. Any spray the toner directly on the face, or applied with a cotton ball. Kreiner excessively oily skin, try a toner with three percent hydrogen peroxide, and for normal or dry skin, many people swear by the inexpensive witch hazel. The rubbing alcohol is mistakenly used for severe cases of oily skin and skin dries realmentela far more than necessary, causing irritation and ultimately acne worse.

Contrary to popular belief, it is possible that people with acne use a moisturizer. Choose or a light, non-comedogenic moisturizer, or one that is without oil is not to aggravate acne and blemishes. Some of these moisturizers also contain antibacterial agents to keep the acne causing bacteria at bay.

For products makeup, choose oil-free foundation and are designed for use with acne or sensitive skin. Any type of heavy makeup, including those for eye and cheek color, clog pores and instigate a flare of acne.

3. Areas of hydration.

Simply put, water is vital to our skin as well as for most other functions and components of the body. Without water, we would not survive, and neither our skin. Be sure to drink at least eight glasses of water each day to keep your skin and body well hydrated.

4. Protect your skin.

All the skin, but skin that is especially sensitive or who have acne, protect against the sun’s harmful UV rays. The sun provides the much needed vitamin D, however, 10 to 15 minutes a day early in the morning is all that is necessary for a healthy dose daily, basis.

A common, and something dangerous myth is that it gets a facial burn help clear acne quickly as Hacela peel and regenerate skin. While that part is true, it also accelerated the aging process and significantly increase the risk of cancer of the skin.

5. Treat your skin gently.

Instead of getting skin extremely clean, rubbing or scrubbing your face may cause permanent scarring and actually exacerbate acne. Inclusola without acne skin should be cleaned gently to avoid damaging the delicate tissue. A good rule to remember is to use their hands instead of a certain type of washcloth or facial cleansing pad to prevent breaking or aggravate acne sores. When you can safely to exfoliate to gently remove dead skin cells, use a gentle scrub made of natural products such as nuts losingredientes of land compared to products with potentially strong or harsh ingredients.

For an easy way to reduce redness and inflammation that often accompanies acne, try crushing an aspirin in a little lemon juice and then apply the mixture to the most affected areas of the face just before bedtime. Although some people use toothpaste, not gel, as a point-treatment acne blemishes, this method can burn skin realmentela does more harm than good. Another home remedy that some swear by taking a zinc tablet daily vitamin.

6. Minimize stress.

Stress and tension have more of an effect on the quality of our skin that we can make, and for some, can directly contribute to acne breakouts or intensify. It is important to do what is necessary to relieve stress and find time for relaxation.

7. Be patient.

Note that you can take six to eight weeks notice a difference when changing the current practice of skin care acne-friendly dela. Most care products acne skin, whether prescription or over – the counter-force, can take a month or two positive results of the demonstration. Unfortunately, some people never give eight weeks before giving up or switching to other methods of controlling your acne.