6 Easy Tips to Prevent Wrinkles

6 Easy Tips to Prevent WrinklesWe all want beautiful skin, soft and above all … no wrinkles! We know very well that the wrinkles are one of the worst enemies of perfect skin. Therefore, if you want to reduce their appearance (because after all always will) keep in mind these 6 tips to keep skin wrinkle free.

1) No squinting, dermatology experts say to do the same expressions repeatedly make more tired facial muscles and, finally, the appearance of wrinkles. So, if you do not see too well not a good look, just wear glasses.

2) Eat more fish, especially salmon. Salmon and other deep sea fish are not only important sources of protein but also contain omega-3 fatty acids, which nourish our skin and help reduce wrinkles.

3) Replace coffee to cocoa powder, cocoa powder contains two types of flavonoids contained in the cocoa powder. These have anti-oxidant and can protect the skin against sunburn, improve circulation, keep the skin moist and make them feel softer.

4) Eat more fruits and vegetables: A study by Tulane University found that vitamin C can increase collagen synthesis, reducing the long-term damage of UV and UVB rays.

5) Do not over wash your face: The skin experts at the University of Maryland, believe that washing your face too remove natural oils from the skin that provides protection and moisture.

6) Eat more Soy: Studies have shown that soy may help protect or heal from the ravages of aging, improving skin tissue and making it more compact.