5 Unexpected Causes of Back Pain

Back pain is all too common. There’s the neck pain that can lead to back pain, and then there are the very different sensations of a backache in your lower back and one in your upper back. There are tons of causes of back pain, ranging from hurting yourself during a sports event to lifting a heavy object incorrectly. However, there are plenty of causes that may surprise you. Read on to hear about our top five unexpected causes of back pain.

1. High heels

Those shoes sure are sexy, and they look amazing with that outfit…but did you know that consistently wearing high heels can cause chronic back pain? Wearing heels can actually alter the angle of your body, causing your weight to be unevenly distributed and leading to back pain.

2. You’ve gained a few pounds

Just a few extra inches around your belly area causes your pelvis to tilt forward, which can put excessive and unnecessary strain on your lower back. If you’re overweight and suffering from lower back pain, it’s time to step it up and shed those extra pounds. Start off by skipping the fast food and empty calories and hitting the gym.

3. That fancy new smartphone or tablet

Mobile technology has done amazing things for business and social connections, but it’s done nothing for our necks and backs. Hovering over a laptop, smartphone, or tablet strains your neck muscles, causing pain that can shoot all the way down to your lower back. Take breaks from that new gadget to keep your posture in check.

4. Your bag is way too heavy

You might love that messenger bag or purse because it’s huge and can fit everything you need—plus some. But the truth is that carrying around a heavy bag puts a whole lot of strain on your shoulders and pain. So clean out the bag, ditch what you don’t need, and stick to the true bare necessities.

5. You’re wearing the wrong bra

You ladies out there with larger breasts know what back pain is like. If you’re wearing the wrong bra, you’re probably hunching over to try to carry that weight, which can lead to severe backaches. Invest in a bra that offers sufficient support and will minimize your hunching forward.

These are just five of the most unexpected causes of back pain—which ones surprised you the most?